Prelit Christmas Trees and wonderful

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Prelit Christmas Trees

The best part of Christmas is about the beautifully decorated homes with colorfully decked up Christmas trees that add on to the ambience of festivities going all around. With a great number of choices presented to the consumer in terms of picking the Christmas tree of their preference, the shopping for a Christmas tree has become a great fun activity. Prelit Christmas trees are found to be the order of the day when it comes to having a dazzling Christmas tree in one’s home for the season. They are especially preferred by those who cannot afford to spend as much time on making the right electrical connections on the natural tree without risking a power-out. Those who believe in making a one-time investment on a tree that can be stored in the attic after use and brought out every year during the Christmas season also make a line for these beautiful options.

Way back, the first version of a prelit Christmas trees came in the form of Christmas trees that were decorated with lighted candles. But decorating a tree with candles was always a cause of concern with the possibility of fire accident right around the corner. Moreover, ensuring that the candles stay in position was very tough and demanded for constant monitoring. Giving complete attention to the lit up tree just to ensure the safety proved to be impractical especially during celebration times and revelry. Some of the homes tried to compensate that need for constant manual monitoring by placing tubs of water around the Christmas tree that was decorated with lighted candles. Since candle wax was comparatively an expensive option some people used oil filled cans with precariously placed wicks. The result of this replacement was even more risky making the centre piece of Christmas decoration – the Christmas tree, a serious fire accident prone zone.

Though Thomas Alva Edison came up with the discovery of the light bulb that changed the face of the civilized world, it was Edison’s assistant who came up with a modified version of bulb in 1882 which paved way to a safer and brighter Christmas through Prelit Christmas trees. As part of the modification, each of the small electric bulb was covered in pink, blue, red and yellow colored paper. Ordinary bulbs having been thus converted into colored lights were used on Christmas trees to give an ethereal effect. In spite of this, they were still in the experimental stage and could not be commercialized much.

The actual working model has come out only in 1895 and was the creative efforts of Ralph Morris who was working with England Telephone Company. This, like many other inventions was made as a sudden innovative spark hit the genius of Morris as he was watching the small light bulbs in the telephone switchboards that he was working on. In that period, these Christmas lights could not find the right acceptance as people were insecure about using electricity to decorate trees. It was not until General Electric started manufacturing and selling them commercially that the interest for these decorative lights picked on. Right behind the heels of General Electric was Edison Electric company, which came up with the electric Christmas lamp.
With the progress of time and technological advancement, there had been various developments done to the first model of the decorative bulb. In the late 1900, consumers were delighted to find hinged options of decorative lighting which made the decorating process very flexible and simple. This hinged lighting was the ultimate that any Christmas decorator was looking for as it was almost like going for a readily decorated Christmas tree which only looked for someone who could plug it in.

Added to the aesthetic viability of these highly flexible bulbs is the fact that these lamps were not much different from a regular bulb and needed no additional maintenance. Since these are anyway a very economical option, it is suggested that anyone who is keen to decorate their tree this year go for a premium quality store to buy them.

The one important safety tip that should be followed diligently while using this decorative lighting is not to overload the electrical power by using just a single extension outlet for multiple light strands. This may not only reduce the life of the decorative lights but also may lead to dangerous overheating of the extension cord.

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